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June 16, 2015

Bryan-Bennett Library Regular Board Meeting Minutes: June 16, 2015


Call to order

President Jane Gaston called the regular monthly board meeting to order at 6:35 pm with the following trustees present: Gloria Bierman, Tom Champion, Sherm Doolen, Jane Gaston, Joyce Hahn, Jack McGuire, Jane Mordecai, Joyce Raver, and Ann Wilzbach. Also in attendance were Director Kim Keller and Assistant Kim Baldridge. There were no visitors.

Secretary’s Report

The minutes of the May 2015 meeting were approved as presented on a motion by Trustee Raver with a second by Trustee Champion. All approved.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was approved as presented on a motion by Trustee Champion with a second by Trustee Mordecai. All present voted “yes” on roll call.

The bills for June 2015 totaling $14,290.91 were examined and approved as presented on a motion by Trustee Champion with a second by Trustee Mordecai. All present voted “yes” on roll call.

Committee Reports

No committee reports at this time.

New Business

A.      Annual decision to keep closed session minutes closed-A motion to keep the closed session minutes closed was made by Trustee Wilzbach with a second by Trustee Bierman. All present voted “yes” on roll call.

B.      Board Subcommittee Assignments-President Gaston will present the assignments at next month’s meeting.

C.      Review Policy for Patron Internet Users-A motion to update the Patron Internet Users Policy as presented by Director Keller was made by Trustee Doolen with a second by Trustee Wilzbach. All present voted “yes” on roll call.

D.      Review Room Rental Policy-Director Keller was instructed to check with Kane Insurance to see if the current liability insurance per incident amount of $100,000.00 be lowered. The policy will be reviewed at a later meeting once this information is obtained. Also, suggested was to add under section 6 the statement “The Board may waive the insurance requirement for any group at its discretion.”

Unfinished Business

No unfinished business at this time.


Director’s Report

BBL received the Personal Property Replacement Taxes. It was deposited after June 1 , so it will be posted on the Asset Report next month. The 5th and 6th property tax distribution has also been received.

BBL has been awarded the E-Rate Grant for the service year of 2015-2016 in the amount of $1,543.00.

City Hall had overbilled the Library for Social Security in May. This month’s bill has been adjusted to remedy the overpayment.

Assistant Public Works Director Annette Brushwitz has added the watering of Library flowers to the schedule of downtown flower watering.

Ameren has looked at the tree on the south side of the building and determine it will need to be removed. It should take about 2 weeks for the final order to remove it to be issued.

Summer Reading Program filers were distributed to schools and daycares in May. Posters have also been placed throughout town.

Summer Reading Program kicked off on Friday, June 12. Mad Science of St. Louis will perform on Thursday, June 18.

The special rack of books from the Salem Community High School is in place for the summer.

Several lights are burned out in the gym. Custodian Taylor is unable to reach these, even with the library’s tallest ladder. Livesay’s Electric will change them for an approximate fee of $350.00.

Director Keller will begin work on the Illinois Public Library Annual Report in the next couple of days.

Copy paper was purchased on sale from Quill at a price of $31.00 per case. The regular price from Quill is $47.00 per case.

The Financials for 2014-2015 have been delivered to City Hall for the annual audit.

Board Members’ Report

President Gaston read a thank-you letter from the Marion County Genealogical and Historical Society for the installation of Wi-Fi in their room.

She also mentioned the thank-you note from the Lion’s Club for BBL’s donation to Post Prom.

President Gaston updated the board on the Memorial bench for her husband. It will be purchased through Americana, have a 20 year warranty, be engraved with his name, powder coated in the color green, 355 pounds in weight, and be 6 feet in length. Stepping stones will also be added in front of the bench for easier access for patrons. Cost will be approximately $1,417 minus a 20 % discount.

Americana will also change the feet on two of the current benches that have been waiting installation so that they made be installed without having to be set in concrete. The cost would be $50 to $100 per bench. Also, Melanie Johnson of Americana wants to design an awning for the west side of the building. President Gaston was instructed by the board to contact Melanie Johnson of Americana and order the Memorial Bench and the new legs for the other 2 benches. Ms Johnson may design the awning with the understanding that the board will look at the design but may not purchase it.

President Gaston updated on the sidewalk project. She has called Senator McCarter’s office several times inquiring as to when the bonds will be issued. It is awaiting the issue order from Governor Rauner’s office. Hopefully, this will be by the end of the year.

President Gaston suggests that the library surplus “stuff” be determined by Director Keller and Trustee Raver. The board would then have to declare the items “surplus” before selling or otherwise disposing of the items.

Trustee Hahn reported that her brother-in-law who is a licensed civil engineer recommends that the library hire an architect to do the plans for the men’s bathroom update. President Gaston gave a brief explanation to the 2 recent board members on the Construction Grant possibility. It was decided that the men’s restroom update is not a priority at this time.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Trustee Doolen with a second by Trustee Hahn. All agreed. The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Bierman, BBL Board Secretary