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Revised Room Usage Policy, effective September 1, 2019

  1. Facilities of the Library that may be made available for other than library use will generally consist of the Board Room and the Gymnasium, although other portions of the building may be made available at the discretion of the Director.
  2. Availability:
    • Library programs and library-related programs have priority in the use of the meeting room at all times.
    • The meeting room is available for use by organizations of a civic, cultural or educational nature, but not for social or religious gatherings, fund-raising, political or commercial purposes.
    • Non-partisan organizations which do not endorse individual parties or candidates may be allowed to conduct meetings in the library at which current election issues will be discussed by candidates for public office, provided that all candidates for the same office have been invited.
    • Groups of individuals under 18 years of age may use the meeting room provided they are supervised by at least one adult for every ten children in attendance. The adult supervisor will be responsible for any damage.
    • Meetings which may disturb regular library functions shall not be scheduled.
    • Activities involving more than normal wear and tear on the meeting room will not be permitted, i.e. projects involving materials which might cause damage.
    • All meetings shall be open to the public.
    1. The Director of the Library is authorized and empowered to approve or refuse use of the library by any group without consulting the Board. If the Director desires the advice or consent of the Board on approval of any requested use, she may do so at her discretion. The Board reserves the right and power to overrule the Director on use of the facilities, however the Board has confidence in the judgment of the Director, is inclined to give the Director a free hand, and anticipates that overruling of the Director would be a rare occurrence.
    2. Use of the library facilities is generally limited to Mondays through Saturdays and shall not go beyond 10:30 PM; however the Board reserves the right and power to make exceptions to these limitations in special circumstances.
    3. A fee of $50 per day will be charged for use of the facilities along with a $50 refundable deposit. Deposit will be returned if the building is left in good condition. The Board may waive fees for any group at its discretion.
    4. Any person or group using the library facilities must procure an insurance policy with coverage of at least $100,000.00 for each incident, and shall name both the Bryan Bennett Library and the City of Salem as insureds under such policy; any user of library facilities shall hold harmless and indemnify the library and City of Salem for any judgment, loss or expense resulting from such use. The person or group using the library facilities must provide a certificate of said insurance policy at least three days before use of the facilities. The Director of the Library shall have sole discretion, with the advice and consent of the Board, should she seek it, with respect to the adequacy of the certificate and adequacy of the insurance policy.
    5. Any person or group using library facilities will be responsible for cleanup of the premises to the condition in which the premises were found and for any damage done to library premises or furnishings. Any person using the library facilities or premises shall be obligated to pay for any cleanup or damage to the premises or furnishings within seven days after receiving a demand for payment from the library.
    6. In accord with City of Salem policy, alcohol and use of tobacco are prohibited on library premises. There shall be no loud noise or activities that might disturb regular library patrons.
    7. The kitchen may be made available at the discretion of the Director, but not its contents such as food and drinks which belong to staff. Users will provide their own coffee, condiments, utensils, etc. The Director may, at her discretion, assign a staff member to oversee use of the facility.
    8. The Library Board may waive the insurance requirement for any group at its discretion.

    Library room use check list

    Turn heat down to 60 degrees or turn air conditioning off in the gym and Board Room.

    Remove all paper products from tables.

    Empty all trash cans and take filled trash bags to dumpsters.

    Renter will set up chairs and tables. When the event is completed, renter shall return chairs and tables to their proper caddies.

    Turn all lights and fans off in the gym and the Board Room.

    Make sure all doors are closed and securely locked by pulling on doors when outside.

    The Main Circulation Area of the Library, offices, the Friends of the Library Room, the Genealogy Room, Library storage rooms and the Reference Room are off limits to renters. In the event that one of these other rooms is needed, usage should be approved by the Director in advance.

    Please note:

    Access to the room to set up a day in advance or clean up a day afterward must be cleared through the Director in advance.

    No light sand, dancing salts, or other sprinkles are allowed on the floors.

    No parking is allowed on the business parking lot at the corner of Church and Maple Streets. This property is privately owned. Cars parked on this lot without the owners’ approval may be towed.

    The $50 deposit and the $50 rental fees must be submitted on separate checks, so that the deposit can be returned more efficiently.

    Note: Section 2 about availability is modeled after the Carbondale Public Library Meeting Room Policy.