Bryan-Bennett Library

January 17, 2017


Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees Meeting

January 17, 2017

6:30 p.m. at the Library

I.             Call to Order

II.            Roll Call of Trustees

III.          Moment of Silence in honor of the late Board Trustee Sherm Doolen

IV.          Recognition of Visitors

V.           Secretary’s Report

A.    Approval of November 2016 Board Minutes

VI.          Treasurer’s Report

A.   Financial Report for December 2016

B.   Financial Report for January 2017

C.   Payment of January 2017 Bills

VII.        Committee Reports

A.   Finance

B.   Policy

C.   Personnel

D.   Building and Grounds

E.   Ad hoc Remodeling Committee – Project Update

VIII.       New Business

A.   Semi-annual decision: Shall Closed Session Minutes stay closed

B.   Discussion about paying employees for in-city errands. Presently employees are only paid when errands and business takes them outside the city limits.

C.   Should staff send late notices to Board members

IX.          Unfinished Business

A.   Proposed Travel Expense Policy

X.           Director’s Report

XI.          Board Members’ Reports

XII.        Adjournment