Bryan-Bennett Library

November 15, 2016


Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees Meeting

November 15, 2016

6:30 p.m. at the Library

I.             Call to Order

II.            Roll Call of Trustees

III.          Recognition of Visitors

IV.          Secretary’s Report

A.    Approval of September 2016 Board Minutes

V.           Treasurer’s Report

A.   Financial Report for October 2016

B.   Payment of October 2016 Bills

VI.          Committee Reports

A.   Finance

B.   Policy

C.   Personnel

D.   Building and Grounds

E.   Ad hoc Remodeling Committee – Project Update

VII.        New Business

A.   Decision to close Library early day before Thanksgiving 2016 – Closing early the day before the Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and New Year’s holidays has been the practice for the last couple of years. Last year, the Library closed at 3 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving. That would work out well this year. The Christmas Eve and New Year’s holidays occur on a day that is already a short day for Bryan-Bennett. As a result, there is no need to close before Christmas Eve and New Year’s.

B.   Purchase additional staff computer to be used for programs

C.   Christmas bonus – Each year, the Board discusses year-end bonuses for staff.

D.   Per Capita Grant Application

1.    Review Serving Our Public 3.0 Standards for Illinois Public Libraries Chapter 6 “Access.”

VIII.       Unfinished Business

A. Proposed Travel Expense Policy

IX.          Director’s Report

X.           Board Members’ Reports

XI.          Adjournment