Bryan-Bennett Library

October 19, 2021, Full Library Board


Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees Meeting

October 19, 2021, 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call of Trustees
  3. Public Comment
  4. Secretary’s Report: A. Approval of September 21, 2021, Full Board Meeting Minutes
  5. Treasurer’s Report: A. Payment of October 2021 Bills; B. Financial Report for October 2021
  6. Committee Reports: A. Finance; B.Policy; C. Personnel; D. Building and Grounds

VII. New Business:

A. Replace Assistant Director’s Printer, which has been causing problems. A quote from Lazerware is included in the Board’s packet. The Assistant Director has worked with Lazerware to remedy alignment and skipping issues. The Library purchased the currently used printer from Walmart. If the new printer is purchased from Lazerware, it will be covered under the Library’s maintenance agreement with Lazerware.

B. Per Capita Grant Application

1. Review Chapter 4 – Access: a. Appendix G – Recommended Hours of Service; b. Appendix F -- Public Use of Library

2. Review Chapter 5 -- Building Infrastructure and Maintenance: a. Appendix K – Facility Management Checklist

3. Review Chapter 6 – Safety

4. Review Appendix J – New Facility Planning

5. Looking ahead at November 16 Board meeting: Chapter 7 – Collection Management; Appendix H – Topics Recommended for Collection Management Policy; Appendix I – Collection Management Worksheet; Chapter 8 – System Member Responsibilities and Resource Sharing; Chapter 9 Public Services: Reverence and Reader’s Advisory Services; Chapter 10 – Programming; Chapter 11 -- Youth/Young Adult Services; Chapter 12 – Technology; Chapter 13 – Marketing, Promotion and Collaboration.

VIII. Unfinished Business

IX. Director’s Report

X. Board Members’ Reports

XI. Adjournment