Bryan-Bennett Library

October 8, 2019, Full Board Meeting


    Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees Meeting

    October 8, 2019

    6:30 p.m. at the Library

    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call of Trustees
    3. Public Comment
    4. Secretary's Report: Approval of August 2019 Board Minutes
    5. Treasurer’s Report: Financial Report for October 2019; Financial Report for September 2019; Payment of October 2019 Bills
    6. Committee Reports: Finance, Policy, Personnel, Building and Grounds
    7. New Business: Per Capita Grant Application
      • The Library Board and Director shall review Serving Our Public 3.0, Chapter 3: Personnel. The Board and Director shall review the check list at the end of the chapter and report on progress meeting the standards.
      • The Library Board and Director shall review Chapters 11-14 of Trustee Facts Files 3rd or 4th Note any modification to existing library practices.
      • The Library staff and at least one trustee shall complete an educational program focusing on organizational management. A list of the approved programs will be provided to Trustees at the meeting.
      • The Library Trustees shall familiarize themselves with the Illinois Digital Archives found at http// and the Digital Public Library of America https//

    8 . Unfinished Business

    9.Director’s Report

    10. Board Members’ Reports

    11. Adjournment