Bryan-Bennett Library

April 18, 2023


Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees Meeting

April 18, 2023, 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room

Call to Order, Roll Call of Trustees

Bryan-Bennett Library Board Vice-President Joyce Raver called the April 18, 2023, meeting of the Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees to order at 6:37 p.m.  Trustees answering the roll call were: Jennifer Dice, Gary Hahn, Jack McGuire, Joyce Raver, and Gayla Wilkerson. Trustee Ed Dolbeare entered the meeting at 6:38 p.m.  Trustees absent were Brad Crow, Jane Gaston, and Lynn Larimer.  Library Director Kim Keller and Assistant Director Jodi Trinkle were also present.

Public Comment

There were no public comments.

Secretary’s Report

Approval of the March 21, 2023, Board Meeting Minutes

Board members looked over a draft of the March 21, 2023 minutes. Trustee Wilkerson made a motion to approve the March 21 minutes. Trustee McGuire seconded the motion.  All present voted “yes.”  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Payment of April 2023 Bills

Board members looked over the April 2023 bills list.  Trustee McGuire moved to approve the list, totaling $22,165.23. Trustee Wilkerson seconded the motion.  Roll call vote taken. All present voted “yes.”  Motion carried.

Financial Report for April 2023

The Board looked over the Financial Report for April 2023. Trustee Hahn moved to approve the Financial Report.  Trustee Dice seconded.  Roll call vote taken. All present voted “yes.”  Motion carried.

Asset, Memorial Fund, and Donations Reports for April 2023

The Board looked over the list of possible items to help the staff serve patrons better.  A Swingline Paper Cutter was approved for immediate purchase.  Trustee Raver suggested having the circulation desk countertops refinished.  All other purchases put on hold until Director Keller has estimates done on the work. Director Keller was also asked to talk to the circulation staff again about more possible items. Trustee Hahn made a motion to approve the Asset, Memorial Fund, and Donations Report. Trustee Dice seconded.  Roll call vote taken. All present voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Committee Reports

Finance Committee

Trustee Dolbeare contacted Michelle Luse about assisting Director Keller and Assistant Director Trinkle with Quickbooks Reports. Trustee Dolbeare arranged for her to train on Saturdays beginning end of April/first of May. It was suggested that payment for $100 to be made to Luse for her time.

Building and Grounds Committee

Trustee Hahn reported that all payments have been made to both ADG (Architect firm in Mt. Carmel) and Joiner (roofing company in Highland). Director Keller noted that Versico stopped by to check the roof for damage after the tornado that struck Salem.

Personnel Committee

Trustee Dolbeare and Trustee McGuire had their annual review with Director Keller and stated that all went well with the meeting.

New Business

Slate of Officers FY 2024

Nominations were as follows:
Trustee Dolbeare as President

Trustee Hahn as Vice-President

Trustee Dice as Secretary

Trustee Wilkerson as Treasurer

Trustee McGuire as Ethics Officer

No vote was taken at this time. 

Unfinished Business

FY 2024 Budget

The Board re-examined the Proposed Budget for FY 2024.  The projected revenue for the FY 2024 is $261,331.00.  The projected expenses are $267,906.35. Motion was made by Trustee Dice to approve budget. Trustee Wilkerson seconded.  Roll call vote taken.  All present voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Reinstatement of Staffing Hours

Director Keller brought up the possible reinstatement of hours that were cut during the March 21, 2023, board meeting. Director Keller explained that most of these hours were not tied to a particular staff member, but instead to the Saturday shift. It was suggested by the Board that Director Keller track the times that she and Assistant Director Trinkle are needed at circulation, and when extra people are needed to help keep patrons waited on in a timely manner.  These overages are to be brought to the next board meeting for further discussion.  Further action was tabled until next meeting.

Director’s Report

Director Keller reported the following information:

  • Illinois House Bill 2789 requires each library to have an anti-censorship policy. Each library has the option to adopt the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights or write their own statement about prohibiting the practice of banning books or other materials. Director Keller stated that Bryan-Bennett Library has adopted the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.
  • Director Keller provided a copy of a court opinion regarding majorities of a quorum discussing business outside of meetings.
  • Goff Plumbing will be coming in to fix the kitchen sink and a leaky urinal.
  • During National Library Week, Bryan-Bennett Library will be hosting a presentation about the founding of Marion County. She also reported that the Apollo 11 exhibit concluded on March 31.
  • Director Keller has filed the second of four forms for the E-Rate Category 2 grant application process. Lazerware is working with her on the applications.
  • She was a part of the Illinois State Library Live and Learn Grant Review Committee. While on that committee, she reviewed and scored 19 applications. They met on April 16.
  • The lighting upgrade was completed March 30.
  • Director Keller and Assistant Director Trinkle attended an online OCLC Webinar
  • Staff evaluations are completed to date. Kathie Garren is due for her 6 month evaluation in May, and Assistant Director Trinkle’s one year evaluation will be in June.
  • Daffy Dills Garden Club will be meeting at the library on the second Thursday of a month. They are currently storing a couple of bins in the library kitchen.

Board Member Reports

There were no reports.

It was brought up that a farewell event should be hosted in President Gaston’s honor.  It was suggested that a brunch might be held at the library. A date and time were to be discussed with President Gaston.

Adjournment: Vice-President Raver adjourned the meeting at 7:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by: 

Jodi Trinkle

Assistant Director