Bryan-Bennett Library

September 11, 2023, Grounds Committee

Bryan-Bennett Library Board Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes

September 11, 10:30 a.m., in the Board Room

 Call to Order and Silent Roll Call of Trustees

Committee Chairperson Gary Hahn called the meeting to order at 10:40 a.m. Present was Chairman Gary Hahn and committee members Trustee Mark Decker and Trustee Marilyn Lewis. Also present was Library Director Kim Keller.

 Public Comment There was no public comment.

 Committee members’ reports

 Most of the discussion focused on landscaping improvements to the bed at the northeast corner of the Library property. The Committee agreed to retain the same perimeter of the bed. Four inch by six inch timbers bordering the bed will be stained. Timbers showing significant damage will be replaced.

 The Committee will see if the City could provide topsoil to fill a hole in the bed. The hole was created when dirt settled around the root system of a tree or bush that was in the bed long ago. The project will also entail picking up decorative rock and putting it back in place when the planting is finished.

 Committee members wished to use volunteer labor to accomplish work on the timbers and preparation of the bed for installation of plants. Mr. Hahn and Mr. Decker volunteered themselves for the work, but were also hopeful they might have some other volunteer help.

 Mrs. Lewis reported on her discussion with Dennis Wernsman of Wernsman’s Nursery and Landscaping. Mr. Wernsman inspected the bed and suggested butterfly bushes would grow well there. He quoted a price of $30 apiece for the bushes. That price includes Wernsman’s Nursery planting the bushes.

 The Committee discussed keeping the 2 rose bushes that are in the bed. Mrs. Lewis said that, if the roses are kept, they should be trimmed in February.

 The Board reviewed a report from Top Notch Tree Service regarding the tree on the west side of the Library. Derek Gall of Top Notch recommended removal of the tree due, to its deteriorating condition. His report noted significant insect damage.

 Top Notch estimated that trimming dead limbs from the tree would cost $700. This included shaping up the remainder of the tree and cleaning up the area. Committee members noted that the Library might go to the expense of this project only to have to come back in a couple of years and pay to remove the tree if its condition worsens.

 Top Notch estimated removal of the tree, including cleanup, would cost $1,400.

 A consensus of the committee favored removal of the tree, in consideration of the condition of the tree.

 With the tree removal, the committee liked the idea of installing 1 or 2 butterfly bushes in the bed where the tree is located.

 The committee calculated the following rough budget for the improvements to the beds on the northeast corner and on the west side of the building.

 Exercising due diligence, the committee discussed seeking a second quote regarding the tree work. Mr. Hahn volunteered to check with another local company. [Subsequent to the meeting, Mr. Hahn reported that he checked with that company and they would charge a fee for evaluating and submitting a quote. It was deemed that the initial quote from Top Notch would be sufficient.]

 Anticipated expenses are:

Timber                        $   150

2 Gallons of Stain    $   100

3 Butterfly Bushes   $   120

Misc. expenses        $   200

Tree Removal           $1,400

Total Project cost:    $1,970

 Motion by Trustee Decker, with a second by Trustee Hahn, to approve the minutes of the September 11, 2023, meeting. All voted “yes.”

 Adjournment 11:25 a.m.

 Respectfully submitted by,

 Kim Keller, Library Director