Bryan-Bennett Library

February 20, 2024, Full Board Regular Meeting


Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees Meeting

February 20, 2024, 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room

 Call to Order, Roll Call of Trustees

Bryan-Bennett Library Board President Ed Dolbeare called the February 20, 2024, meeting of the Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees to order at 6:30 p.m.  Trustees answering the roll call were: Brad Crow, Mark Decker, Joyce Raver, and Gayla Wilkerson, Lynn Larimer, Gary Hahn,  and Marilyn Lewis.  Trustees absent were Jennifer Dice.  Library Director Kim Keller and Assistant Director Jodi Trinkle were also present. Assistant Director Trinkle took the minutes due the absence of Trustee Dice.

 Public Comment

There were no public comments.

Secretary’s Report

Approval of the January 23, 2024, Board Meeting Minutes

Board members looked over a draft of the January 23, 2024, minutes. Minutes were accepted with the change of the time on the front page of the minutes from “:30” to “6:30.” Trustee Decker made a motion to approve the January 23 minutes. Trustee Hahn seconded the motion. Roll call vote was taken. All trustees voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Payment of January 2024 Bills

Board members looked over the January 2024 bills list.  Trustee Decker moved to approve the list, totaling $15,473.14. Trustee Hahn seconded the motion.  Roll call vote was taken. All trustees voted “yes.”  Motion carried.

Financial Report for January 2024

The Board looked over the Financial Report for January 2024. It was suggested that $15,000 be moved from the general checking account into the People’s State Bank. Trustee Decker moved to approve the Financial Report.  Trustee Wilkerson seconded.  Roll call vote was taken. All trustees voted “yes.”  Motion carried.

Asset, Memorial Fund, and Donations Reports for January 2024

Trustees read over the asset, memorial fund, and donation reports.  There were no comments all were accepted.

Friends of the Bryan-Bennett Library Report

Laura Crain, President of the Friends of the Bryan-Bennett Library (FOBBL) gave a report of the current activities of the group.  Currently:

  • All the cabinets have been painted and the room updated. The paint used was donated to them.
  • During their Grand Re-Opening, 20 patrons visited and 5 new people joined the group.
  • No exact amount was given, but she stated that they “made a good chunk of money.” Their sales are donation based.
  • They made the front page of the Sentinel and were mentioned on the radio
  • Someone will be creating them a Facebook group
  • The Board was invited to visit and see all the changes in the FOBBL room
  • President Crain thought that the room might potentially be used for things such as book clubs, committee groups, etc. This idea is up for future discussion.

Committee Reports

Finance Committee

No report to share


No report to share

Personnel Committee

Director Keller is due to have an evaluation by the board this year.  Trustee Raver is to send evaluation sheets to all other board members.  President Dolbeare will provide Trustee Raver with notes from the last time he and former trustee Jack McGuire met with Director Keller.  In the future, Director Keller’s evaluation is to be performed in January or February of a year.  The Personnel committee will then meet and discuss the results. Notes from the parental complaint follow-up from last fall have not been added to Director Keller’s file and it needs to be done.

Building and Grounds Committee
Trustee Hahn is looking to have the planter at the corner of the north parking lot done in March.  He is looking for volunteers to move and set up the timbers, regrade and add rock, and to plant the new bushes.  A meeting for the volunteers has been set for February 27, 2024, at 10:00 am.  Trustee Hahn is still looking into the best way to secure the damaged shelving.  The leaking pipe in the downstairs area is to be duct taped until the plumber is able to come.

New Business

Surplus Equipment

The Library currently has some surplus items that are no longer needed.  Approval was sought to discard these items.  The items include old emergency lights, a book cart with missing wheels, a small case on wheels, and an extremely heavy folding table.  Board approved discarding the items by placing them for free for anyone to take.

There is also a portrait of George Washington that is no longer being used.  Director Keller will discuss with the Historical Commission to see if they would like to have it, as it is believed to be original to the building from when it was a school.

A motion to discard these items was made by Trustee Decker and seconded by Trustee Larimer.  All trustees voted “yes.”

Proposed Budget for FY 2025

Director Keller provided the board with a proposed budget for the FY 2025.  The following items were discussed about the proposition:

  • There are a few changes to the provided proposed budget. This amounts were entered incorrectly. These should be changed as follows:
    • Commodities Item 06-5101-614-00 Equipment Maintenance Proposed Budget should read $10,800 as opposed to $6,100.
    • Commodities Item 06-5101-317-00 Memberships Proposed Budget should read $7,420 as opposed to $6,400.
    • These changes would change the Total Commodities from $86,861.00 to $88,681.00.
    • This would change the Total Expenditures for the year to $264,078.16 from $265,898.16.
  • This year’s per capita grant has been written with computer replacement as a priority. This is projected to cost approximately $7,000.  Items to be purchased include: two new patrons computers, one new children’s computer, one new card catalog computer, two new printers/scanners (One for behind the circulation desk and one for Director Keller’s office, which is also the fax machine.), and five new employee computers.
    • Changes need to be completed by September 2025, as that is when Microsoft is no longer compatible.
    • Trustee Raver would like to see a rotating schedule for computers in the future, to avoid complete replacement at one time.
    • It was asked to compare the prices of computers from Lazerware with local places in order to find the best prices. Director Keller is to find out pricing and provide a couple replacement schedule options.
  • The amount budgeted for Professional Meetings is acceptable, but a number of meetings expected should be provided.
  • Due to the budget needing approved by the first week of March each year, going forward the budget should be prepared by January so as to give the board time to discuss and make any changes before the deadline.
  • Assistant Director Trinkle to receive a raise of $1.00 per hour beginning May 1, 2024. This would raise her current wages to $16.00 an hour.  She will not receive the minimum wage increase in January 2025.
  • Director Keller’s will be discussed in March after her evaluation. A revision of this budget may need to be made at that time.
  • All other proposed wages were accepted as provided.
  • Any vacation time taken by an employee that is four or more hours in length will need to have staff brought in to cover the time. Under four hours, it is not necessary.

Trustee Decker made a motion to accept the proposed budget with all listed changes.  Trustee Lewis seconded.  Motion passed with all trustees voting “yes.”

Unfinished Business

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

It was discussed about closing on this day, as it is now a city holiday.  Trustee Decker feels that the Library should be open on the holidays that the school is closed to provide programming about those holidays (such as MLK, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, and Juneteenth).  He would like to see educational programs happen on those days.  This topic was tabled until the May 2024 or June 2024 meeting.


Formal Accident Review Protocol

The accident review needs to have a “go see” policy added to it.  When accidents happen, those who are available need to “go see” what happened and discuss what could have been done differently (if anything) and what could have been changed or done to prevent the accident.


Strategic Development Plan

A copy of the proposed new Strategic Development Plan was provided to the trustees.  Over the next month, trustees are to review the plan and mark any possible changes that could be made.  These notes and changes should be sent to Director Keller ahead of the next board meeting in March.  The plan is to be voted on in March or April.


Planetarium Experience Update

The Arctic Cow in Centralia is generously providing a scoop of ice cream to each of those attending the planetarium on the day of the eclipse.  Flyers have been provided to hand out to patrons so that they can receive their ice cream.  The booth will be set up in the parking lot of the library.  A sign-up sheet is being made for the board members to choose times to volunteer at upcoming planetarium experiences.


William Jennings Bryan Festival Update

The festival is to include:

  • A skit about how the statue was stolen and brought to Salem
  • Giveaways and Merchandise
  • A Trolley to take visitors to the courthouse, his birthplace, the museum, and the library.


The Library is to come up with ideas for activities that we could provide patrons, such as a coloring contest or a history lesson about William Jennings Bryan and the Library.  These ideas are to be presented at the March board meeting.

Director’s Report

See attached record.

Board Member Reports

 Trustee Decker wanted the board to know that Wilhour’s office appreciates the use of the library by Lori Bear on Wednesdays to meet with citizens.

President Dolbeare announced that he will be putting in his resignation on March 1, 2024, due to his upcoming move. His term will end on April 30, 2024. 


President Dolbeare adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm, with a motion made by Trustee Wilkerson and seconded by Trustee Hahn.  Meeting adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted by:

Jodi Trinkle

Assistant Director

Bryan-Bennett Library Director’s Report February 20, 2024

Building and Grounds

Beeping Fire Alarm

Over the last few weeks, the Fire Alarm Panel has beeped frequently. We were told at Security Alarm that the problem is: the Wabash service drops at the same time the panel does one of its tests. This activates the beeping. Security Alarm has assured me that there is no danger, the building is still covered with an alarm.

We had Wabash look at the Wabash line on February 14. They tested and found it working well. However, the looked in the panel and found that the batteries in the panel were dated 2019 and stated these should be good for about 2 years. New batteries were installed today.

Water leak

The main line serving the building has a slow leak. I’ve called a plumber to fix it.

Flower Planters

  • Program Director Karen Shanafelt has plans for the planters for the 2024 season. 
  • West planters: coleus (Karen has one overwintered and will take cuttings for the four planters), creeping Jenny (purchased local), and hostas from west side
  • East planters: edible chocolate mint (transplanted last fall, blooms pastel purple) and marigolds (mostly orange of various heights)
  • East hosta bed: add surprise lilies  (Karen has about 40 bulbs and will get them dug as soon as possible and transplanted) and zinnias (Karen has seed and will get them started this week)
  • East long planters: native mullein and native yarrow

I discussed the HVAC loan request with City Manager Annette Sola and Finance Director Keli Roth. They asked for a request in writing. Ms. Sola seemed receptive to the idea. That request will be submitted by the end of the week.


Math Counts was held at the Library on February 8.

Several Library staff monitored at least one program at the online Library System Member Day on February 8.

Bryan-Bennett patrons, volunteers and staff contributed 300 Valentines to Senator Plummer’s Valentine Day distribution to senior citizens who live in local nursing homes.


The Illinois State Library asked me to serve on the Construction Grant Review Committee again this year.

I’m also serving on the Library System Continuing Education Advisory Committee.

Election judges will be training at Bryan-Bennett Library on March 4.

Respectfully submitted by,

Kim Keller