Bryan-Bennett Library

May 16, 2023


Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees Meeting
May 16, 2023, 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room

Call to Order, Roll Call of Trustees

Bryan Bennett Library Board newly seated President Ed Dolbeare called the May 16, 2023, meeting of the Bryan Bennett Library Board of Trustees to order at 6:30 p.m. Trustees answering roll call were: Brad Crow, Jennifer Dice, Ed Dolbeare, Mark Decker, Joyce Raver and Gayla Wilkerson. Trustee Lynn Larimer entered the meeting at 6:38 p.m. Trustees absent were Gary Hahn and Jack McGuire. Library Director Kim Keller and Assistant Director Jodi Trinkle were also present.

Reorganization of Board

A vote on the Slate of Officers was taken. A motion made by Mark Decker and seconded by Jennifer Dice. Roll call vote was taken with all voting "yes." The officers will be as follows:

Board President- Ed Dolbeare

Board Vice President- Gary Hahn

Board Secretary- Jennifer Dice

Board Treasurer- Gayla Wilkerson

Board Ethics Officer- Jack McGuire

A designation of bank signers was appointed, as stated in the rules and bylaws, including Board President Ed Dolbeare, Board Vice President Gary Hahn, and Treasurer Gayla Wilkerson. Treasurer Gayla Wilkerson will continue to be the lone bank signer until the additional bank signers fill out the necessary paperwork. This will continue until May minutes can be approved. Two accounts at Marion County Savings Bank and one additional account at Peoples State Bank will need to be changed.

Public Comment

There were no public comments.

Secretary's Report

Approval of the April 18, 2023, Board Meeting Minutes.

Board members assessed the April 18, 2023, minutes. A motion to accept them, with the change of the submission by Jodi Trinkle as opposed to the submission by Trustee Larimer who was absent on that date, was made by Trustee Wilkerson and seconded by Trustee Crow. Roll call vote was taken. All members voted yes, except for Trustee Decker who abstained as he was not a member of the Board yet. Moving forward, all minutes will be taken and submitted by Secretary Jennifer Dice. In her absence, minutes will be taken and submitted by Assistant Director Jodi Trinkle.

Treasurer's Report

Payment of May 2023 Bills

After reviewing May 2023 bills, totaling $16,848.64, Trustee Decker made a motion to approve the financial report and Treasurer Gayla Wilkerson seconded it. Roll call vote was taken with all members voting yes and the motion carried.

Financial Report May 2023

The end of the year financial report is in compliance with the City standards and Trustee Larimer made the motion to accept the report with a second from Trustee Decker. Roll call vote was taken with all members voting yes. The motion carried.

Asset, Memorial Fund, and Donation Reports for May 2023

Library Director Kim Keller along with Assistant Director Jodi Trinkle supplied the Board with a list of suggestions for the use of the monies in the memorial funds and donations. After looking at all the suggestions, Board President Dolbeare asked the Board to approve the list to be implemented by Director Keller, as she sees fit. All members agreed to the action with the stipulation that Director Keller would update the Board on a month-to-month basis. A motion was made by Trustee Crow and seconded
by Trustee Dice that the Asset, Memorial Fund and Donation Report be accepted. Roll call vote was taken. All members voted yes, and the motion was carried.

Committee Reports

Finance- A gift card for Michelle Luse in the amount of $50 will be presented to her by President Dolbeare for her help with the QuickBooks program. Ms. Luse gave 2.5 hours of her time to walk staff through the necessary changes to our current program. All members agreed to this gift.

Policy- Nothing to Report

Building and Grounds- Library Director Keller indicated that Programs Director Karen Shanafelt had graciously been taking care of the outside planters. She has generously donated some of her own plants to the library and is enjoying the challenge. The Board is grateful for Ms. Shanafelt’s resourcefulness,

Personnel- Nothing to report

At the request of Board President Ed Dolbeare, the shuffling of members of the Board committees has been equally distributed between trustees and are as follows:

Personnel: Chairperson Joyce Raver; members, Brad Crow, Jack McGuire.

Building and Grounds: Chairperson Gary Hahn; members, Mark Decker, Joyce Raver.

Finance: Chairperson Gayla Wilkerson; members, Mark Decker, Lynn Larimer.

Policy: Chairperson Lynn Larimer; members, Jennifer Dice, Brad Crow.

Emergency contacts: President Ed Dolbeare and Vice President Gary Hahn.

New Business

Property Tax Levy Request

By a roll call vote of 7-0, the Property Tax Levy Request was approved, after a motion by Trustee Dice and a second from Trustee Crow. The motion carried. All members present signed the request.

ALA Bill of Rights

Director Keller provided the Board with the new ALA Bill of Rights. After much discussion the Board agreed to table the vote to accept these, as our own bill of rights due to questions of age –appropriate material being accessible. The bill does not have to be voted on until January 2024. In the interim, the Board will further discuss the pros and cons of a more detailed guideline drafted by the Bryan-Bennett Library Board and staff.

Director Keller provided the Board with the Illinois Public Library Annual Report.

Staff Recommendations for the use of Memorial Funds, Donation Money was approved with a motion made by Trustee Decker and seconded by Trustee Crow. A roll call vote was taken. All members voted "yes."

Unfinished Business

Trustee Wilkerson has been in contact with former President Jane Gaston, in regard to a date for a thank you lunch honoring Gaston and her tireless service to the library. The Board will be kept up to date about potential times.

President Dolbeare informed new trustee Mark Decker that the library is not able to offer space to any group that is not directly related to library business or that doesn't provide their own million –dollar insurance policy. Trustee Decker will meet with City Manager Rex Barbee to iron out specifics on the who and whys of this specific rental policy.

Directors Report

Library Director Kim Keller announced that the library was awarded the E-Rate grant in the amount of $537.60. Two more grants will be applied for.

Director Keller was happy to announce that new library cards by both residents and non-residents have been increasing, along with programs and library usage. The Board is thankful for the positive, friendly circulation staff and library staff as a whole.

Forty-one children are enrolled in the 1,000 books before kindergarten.

Director Keller stated that, although some programs had zero attendees, she is grateful to Programs Director Shanafelt for continuing to find ways to engage youth in our library programs.

One- on- one computer and smart phone assistance is still being offered.

Mother's Day programs resulted in community involvement to the tune of 9 Mother's Day flower kits taken home and 19 entries to the Mother's Day cookie kit contest.

Director Keller will be introducing a member of the library staff to the Board once a month. This month, the Board was pleased to be formally introduced to Assistant Director Jodi Trinkle. Mrs. Trinkle and her husband reside in Salem with their two girls. She has been with the library for 11 months in the role of circulation clerk and more recently assumed the position of Assistant Director left vacant by retiring Assistant Director Kim Baldridge. Mrs. Trinkle's love for her position and positive attitude was evident in her introduction
and her presence within the library.

Board Members Reports
There were no reports.


A motion was made by Trustee Decker to adjourn and seconded by Trustee Wilkerson at 8:10 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by,

Jennifer Dice, Board Secretary