Bryan-Bennett Library

January 7, 2021, Special Board Meeting Minutes

Bryan-Bennett Library

Special Board Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2021

Call to order

President Gaston called the special board meeting held via Zoom to order at 6:08 PM with the following trustees present: Tom Champion, Jane Gaston, Gary Hahn, Lynn Larimer, Jack McGuire, Joyce Raver, Gayla Wilkerson and Ann Wilzbach. Trustee Ed Dolbeare joined the meeting at 6:14 PM. Also in attendance were Library Director Kim Keller and Library Assistant Director Kim Baldridge. There were no visitors.

Quote for removal of drinking fountain in gym

After a brief discussion, the board determined that since the cost of the removal of the drinking fountain was not covered under the Construction Grant they did not need to approve the quote. It would simply be billed to the correct line-item on the next bill’s list as a plumbing expense.

Quotes for electrical work in gym

After a brief discussion of the bids a motion to accept the bid from Livesay Electric Service, Inc. in the amount of $8,793.11 was made by Trustee Champion with a second by Trustee Wilzbach. All present voted “yes” on roll call.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Trustee Wilkerson with a second by Trustee McGuire. All present agreed. The meeting adjourned at 6:34 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

 Ann Wilzbach

BBL Board Secretary