Bryan-Bennett Library

October 18, 2022


Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees Meeting

October 18, 2022, 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room

Call to Order and Roll Call of Trustees

The October 18, 2022, meeting of the Bryan-Bennett Library Board of Trustees was called to order by Board President Jane Gaston at 6:34 p.m. in the Board Room.

Trustees present at roll call were: Brad Crow, Ed Dolbeare, Jane Gaston, Gary Hahn, Jack McGuire, and Joyce Raver. Trustees Jennifer Dice, Lynn Larimer, and Gayla Wilkerson were absent. Also present was Library Director Kim Keller.

Public Comment – There was no public comment.

Secretary’s Report

Board members read through the September 20, 2022, Board Meeting Minutes. Trustee Hahn made a motion to approve the minutes. Trustee Dolbeare seconded the motion. The motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report

The Board examined the bills list for October 2022. Trustee Hahn made a motion to approve the October 2022 bills, which totaled $21,558.83. Trustee Crow seconded the motion. A roll call vote was conducted. All Board members present voted “yes.” Motion carried.

The Board reviewed the Financial Report for September 2022. The report had been held over pending correction of tallies on the last page of the document. Trustee Hahn made a motion to accept the Financial Report. Trustee McGuire seconded the motion. A roll call vote was conducted. All Board members present voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Board members reviewed the Financial Report for October 2022.Trustee Raver made a motion to approve the report. Trustee McGuire seconded. All Board members present voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Trustee Dolbeare asked Library Director Keller about progress with developing a Financial Report using the Quickbooks Program. The director said she hit a snag and was having trouble finding a way around it. Board President Gaston stated that her church uses Quickbooks and produces a report like the one that the Library Board wants. President Gaston stated she would have Trustee Wilkerson followup with resolving the problem.

Board members looked over the Asset and Memorial Fund/Donation Reports.Trustee McGuire made a motion to receive the reports. Trustee Hahn seconded. A roll call vote was conducted. All present voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Committee Reports

There were no reports from the Finance, Policy and Personnel committees.

Under the Building and Grounds Committee, Trustee Hahn updated the Board on progress regarding the roof project. He reported that two bids were received at the project’s bid letting on October 6. Trustee Hahn recommended that the Board accept the bid from Joiner Sheet Metal and Roofing Inc. of Highland in the amount of $179,881 and authorize a contingency of 5% for project-related costs. The contingency would amount to approximately $9,000. Trustee Hahn made the motion to approve the Joiner bid in the amount of $179,881 and the 5% contingency. Trustee McGuire seconded the motion. A roll call vote was conducted. All present voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Trustee Hahn reminded the Board that all unit prices are subject to price fluctuation, as a result of the supply-chain complications in the industry. He also told the group that a preconstruction meeting would be scheduled within a couple of weeks.

New Business

The Board discussed a fire in the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Unit on October 17. When the unit was turned on for the first time in the season, a bird’s nest in the unit caught fire. Salem Fire Protection District extinguished the fire and assisted in evacuating smoke from the building. The fire was contained to the unit. There was no structural damage, but the unit was a loss. Booher’s Tin Shop of Salem had already been on site and inspected the unit. Director Keller had contacted TOP Electric and Lighting of Salem to inspect the site of the fire. Board President Gaston wanted Joiner Sheet Metal and Roofing to inspect the roof to make sure that there was no roof damage. President Gaston said that the Board would have to wait until the current HVAC and roof projects were finished and see how the finances were looking, before deciding to do anything about replacing the damaged unit.

Unfinished Business

Approval of an updated Application for Employment at Bryan-Bennett Library

The Board read through the draft of an updated application for employment. Questions regarding criminal background were deleted from the application, to bring the application into compliance with current employment law. City Attorney Mike Jones had looked over the form and its suggested changes. He had no problems with the revisions or the updated document. Trustee Dolbeare made a motion to approve the updated application for employment. Trustee McGuire seconded. All present voted “yes.” Motion carried.

Per Capita Grant Application Requirement to Review Serving Our Public 4.0 – Standards for Public Libraries

The Board continued its review of the State Standards book, looking at:

  • Chapter 4: Access
  • Appendix G: Recommended Hours of Service by Population
  • Chapter 5: Building Infrastructure and Maintenance
  • Appendix F: Topics Recommended for Public Use of the Library Policy
  • Appendix J: New Facility Planning
  • Appendix K: Facility Management Checklists
  • Chapter 6: Safety

The Board looked over the updated Building Development Plan. President Gaston advised that the wording regarding restroom commodes needed to reflect that the fixtures installed in the restroom during a 2017 remodeling project were not new.

Regarding Chapter 6 on Safety, the Director noted that the October 17 fire served as a test of the emergency alarm system.

Director’s Report

The Director reported to the Board about a recent conversation with City Manager Rex Barbee and Financer Director Keli Roth. The City Manager and Finance Director advised Ms. Keller that the Library should no longer waive the insurance requirement for groups renting a room at the Library. They indicated that renters should supply their own coverage so that the City’s insurance isn’t required to cover an activity that is not operated by the City or the Library.


Trustees and Director Keller noted that potential renters seem to be apprehensive about getting their own event insurance, in order to be able to rent a Library room. This apprehension seemed to deter many groups, which would host events at the Library.

Board members questioned if the Marion County Genealogical Association carried its own coverage for contents of the room it rents and for activities held in the room. Director Keller was asked to follow up with Genealogy and find out what kind of coverage they carried.

The Board instructed Director Keller to see if the Library could secure and pay for supplemental coverage that would cover parties renting a room at the Library. The Board asked the director to see if Kane insurance would issue a rider for the extra coverage.

Other items in the Director’s Report were:

  • BCMW asked Bryan-Bennett Library to serve as a registration site for the Adopt-A-Family Santa Program.
  • A staff member had resigned, due to a personal situation. The Director reported interviewing a potential replacement, who had submitted an application for employment earlier in 2022. Board members instructed the director that the position should be advertised.
  • A group of staff members are working on the Strategic Development Plan.
  • Program Director Shanafelt is working on history programs to coincide with the City and County Bicentennial celebration next year.

 Board Members’ Reports

With most issues having been addressed earlier in the meeting, there were no reports.


With no other business coming before the Library Board, President Gaston adjourned the meeting at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Kim Keller

Library Director