Bryan-Bennett Library

June 18, 2019

Bryan-Bennett Library

Regular Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2019

 Call to order

President Jane Gaston called the regular monthly board meeting to order at 6:30 PM with the following trustees present: Jane Gaston, Lynn Larimer, Jack McGuire, Jane Mordecai, Joyce Raver, Gayla Wilkerson and Ann Wilzbach. Trustee Tom Champion was absent. Also in attendance were Library Director Kim Keller and Library Assistant Director Kim Baldridge. There were no visitors.

Secretary’s Report

A motion to approve the May board meeting minutes as presented was made by Trustee McGuire with a second by Trustee Wilzbach. All present approved.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report for June 2019 was presented. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report as presented was made by Trustee Raver with a second by Trustee Mordecai. All present voted “yes” on roll call.

The bills for June 2019 totaling $19,050.49 and the bills for the June 2019 Addendum totaling $1,550.00 were examined and approved on a motion by Trustee Wilzbach with a second by Trustee Wilkerson. All present voted “yes” on roll call.

Committee Reports

No committee reports at this time.

New Business

  1. Semi-Annual vote on Closed Session Minutes-A motion for all closed session minutes to remain closed was made by Trustee McGuire with a second by Trustee Wilkerson. All present voted “yes” on roll call.
  2. Room Rental/Usage agreement review-Director Keller presented to the board an updated Room Rental/Usage agreement and similar polices from other area libraries for comparison. The board will review the items and discuss at a later meeting.

Unfinished Business

No unfinished business at this time.

Director’s Report

Seven resumes and applications have been submitted and 3 more are anticipated for the open Circulation Clerk position Director Keller has begun the interview process.

Following up on a Board inquiry at the last meeting, Director Keller talked to Mark Shaffer, consultant in the Development Department at the Illinois State Library about IMRF money. Mr. Shaffer stated that there is court precedent for making sure IMRF money makes it way to the Library. If the money is levied as IMRF for the Library, then the Library should receive it. The focus of the precedent is: the money has been levied for the library. Mr. Shaffer encouraged discussion with the City administrators and advised legal counsel if more serious steps are warranted.

Director Keller briefly discussed the findings of other libraries’ room usage agreements.

Director Keller presented to the board an updated staff hours/wage roster and an updated Board/Staff contact roster.

Police removed a juvenile from the library’s roof on June 8. He was released into custody of his grandmother and returned shortly after and the police removed him from the roof again. The juvenile stated he had left his cell phone on the roof. The police ask that the library board discuss how to handle unauthorized accesses to the roof. Trustee Raver suggested putting a chain interwoven in the “cage” of the ladder to make access more difficult.

Custodian Watkins did a roof check on June 9. No damage was found from the June 8 incident. However, he did notice that the roof was pulling in the northeast and northwest corners. Director Keller will have a roofer check the facility and provide a report of their findings at the next board meeting.

The Summer Preschool Story Times have started and will continue through July. A newsletter about Summer Reading activities is included in this month’s board packet.

Director Keller attended the Design Thinking for Libraries held at the Illinois Heartland Library System in Edwardsville on June12. She briefly outlined the program for the board.

Board Members’ Reports

President Gaston inquired when the deadline was for the IPLAR report as she didn’t remember signing it this year. She also stated that this year she and Board Secretary Wilzbach will sign it. Director Keller replied that the deadline is June 30, 2019, and she will be notifying them soon upon completion of the report.

President Gaston presented the check from Modern Woodmen of America for the matching funds grant. This was in the amount of $2,500.00 and is earmarked for shelving.

Trustee Raver reported that she had talked to the mayor about the new board appointee. He has not gotten in touch with his candidate yet.

Trustee Raver suggested that the large wooden rocking chair in the children’s area be moved as it is causing some damage to the wall.

Trustee Raver passed around some pictures of other libraries that she and President Gaston toured. They especially liked the idea of shorter book shelves.

Trustee Raver would like to see the benches on the west side of the building moved to block patrons from driving across the west end of the building. This is not a driving lane but people do pull through there. This is a hazard for anyone exiting the building by the west door especially children. Director Keller will see about moving the benches.

Trustee Wilzbach updated the board with her change of phone number.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Trustee McGuire with a second by Trustee Wilzbach. All agreed. The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

 Ann Wilzbach

BBL Board Secretary